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“Life was not meant to be lived in one place.” – Anonymous wanderluster


It’s that time of the year again…when itinerary planning, travel arrangements and mindless luggage packing would have been on everyone’s to-do list. Alas, 2020 is not meant to be. But CinemaWorld has got you covered.


Dreaming of the glorious Moorish architecture and rich hues of swishing flamenco dresses in Andalusia? What about freediving down 250 ft into the Mediterranean abyss in Malta? Galloping on horseback across the vast and rugged Mongolian steppes? Snow-ski in the French Alps one day and get wondrously lost in the South African Bush the next? Enticing?


This December, we present to you CinemaWorld #Wanderlust – a 12-day, non-stop globe-trotting virtual holiday where you will get to experience 12 unique locations and adventures that will leave you breathless! Let your imagination travel and see the world through the lens of CinemaWorld.


It’s time to embark on the ultimate adventure of your lifetime.



Dec 20: Alaska
Dear Lemon Lima,

Dec 21: South Africa
In-Laws In The Outback

Dec 22: Turkey

Dec 23: Mongolia
The Cave Of The Yellow Dog

Dec 24: Italy
The Boss In The Kitchen

Dec 25: Malta
One Breath

Dec 26: France

Dec 27: Poland
Silent Night

Dec 28: Croatia

Dec 29: Spain
Love In Andalusia

Dec 30: Russia
Love In Saint-Petersburg

Dec 31: Thailand
Romancing The Jungle


Catch these 12 films from December 20 to 31 at 9PM (SIN) daily, or watch anytime on CinemaWorld On-Demand*.


*Available in selected territories.


In honor of our never-happening-this-year holiday… Here are some FREE wallpapers just for you from our #Wanderlust movies! Download them at and let your imagination travel as you virtually immerse yourself in these exotic, beautiful sceneries. Enjoy!

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