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Connecting the World through Box-Office Hits & Critically Acclaimed Films
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A decade ago, international films were largely inaccessible to Asian film lovers and movie-going audiences. With theatres hardly playing non-Hollywood films, there was no easy access to Box Office Hits, Award-Winning stories, and Critically-Acclaimed films from regions such as Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Rest of the World.

To bridge this gap between international films and Asian audiences, CinemaWorld was created to meet their entertainment needs by providing compelling and entertaining international films direct to homes.

Incorporated and headquartered in Singapore, it began as a multimedia entertainment company founded by ex-HBO senior executives.


Our Curation

CinemaWorld convenes the masterpieces of the world's best storytellers on one platform and celebrates the diversity of human imagination and world cinema. From Europe to Middle East, Latin America to Canada, and Australasia to Russia, our curation has been continuously strengthened with fresh stories and ideas from around the world.

CinemaWorld’s curation not only covers the breadth of the world but also the breadth of entertainment – Romance, Comedy, Crime, Thrillers, Action & Adventures, Family, Sport, Historical, Drama and more.

From mainstream films to cinematic gems, CinemaWorld’s curation unlocks a whole new world of entertainment that crosses cultures and boundaries and is fresh, unique, and different.


Our Beginning

Launched in March 2012, CinemaWorld is the first and only premium pan-Asia movie service showcasing international award-winning movies, box-office hits, stars, critics’ favourites, and real human stories from around the world. CinemaWorld offers a 24-hour HD channel and CinemaWorld On-Demand (subscription video on-demand service).

Our exclusive varied contents are carefully selected and subtitled in local languages as well as English but presented in their original languages.  This ensures nuances conveyed are thoughtfully retained for appreciation, demonstrating CinemaWorld’s philosophy of connecting the world through films.


Our Present

Since our launch in Singapore, CinemaWorld has been expanding rapidly across Asia and have gained a strong foothold in more than 20 territories and over 90 distribution platforms including but not limited to Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

We constantly collaborate with our partners in these territories to craft a premium service that serves every distinct audience and meets their varied consumption habits. Be it tapping into new technology (such as streaming), or content genres (such as documentary films), CinemaWorld is committed to evolving with the times and pursuing new avenues of providing entertainment, whilst retaining its vision of being ‘the window to see the world’ for Asian film lovers and movie audience.



Following the success of CinemaWorld, we expanded from feature films to short films. During the COVID19 pandemic in 2020, CinemaSHORT, launched. Grounded in CinemaWorld’s roots of entertainment and diversity of stories, CinemaSHORT is a platform that spotlights shorts from promising, independent and young Asian filmmakers.

The Asian short film industry is a mostly untapped but an incredibly dynamic industry that continues to grow, with emerging talents. CinemaSHORT brings their works from their home country to global waters, beyond the shores of production.

Our collection of short films is diverse and expansive, reflecting the wildly enigmatic region it represents. CinemaSHORT provides audiences with The Best Bite-Sized Stories To-Go.


Our Future

Within this first decade in our story, CinemaWorld has expanded into a variety of film content, platforms, and territories. In the coming decade, we will remain bold and take risks in our journey of providing our audiences the best stories from the world.  

We will continue to experiment, explore, and entertain.

“Everything we do is borne out of our dedication to connecting people and communities.” – Suarina Chua, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of CinemaWorld

Thank you for travelling the world with us!


With Gratitude,

Team CinemaWorld

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