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Pictures Worth A Thousand Words: UMN Masterclass with Ilango Ram

Director Ilango Ram speaks to UMN students during this masterclass

This past week, The CinemaWorld Team headed down to Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN), Indonesia to host our second masterclass. Started last year, the CinemaWorld Masterclass is a session exclusively for UMN film students and staff.


This year, in addition to having our Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Ms. Suarina Chua speak on the growing market for shortfilms and on CinemaSHORT, we had a specially invited guest speaker.



Director Ilango Ram is a Sri Lankan filmmaker who graduated from the Rockport College – USA as a cinematographer in year 2006. An engineer by profession who has taken the road less travelled in pursuit of his dream, he has travelled across the world being involved in the filmmaking scene.


His learning path in USA, Korea & Berlin has given him a holistic outlook on the industry, and he shared his insights among other practical advice to UMN students.


His first short film, Mouna Vizhiththuligal – Silent Tears (2014) premiered on CinemaSHORT (on CinemaWorld Channel) during the inaugural CinemaWorld Country Showcase: Sri Lanka in Sept 2021. He shared with CinemaWorld audiences in an interview on his passion for films, short and feature.


This year, his conversation with the UMN students was on the art of storytelling through film. Drawing on his vast array of experiences, Director Ram shared on balancing passion with reality, the boons and banes of both short and feature films, as well as personal advice for first time filmmakers.


CinemaWorld thanks both UMN and Director Ram for the support in making this event possible!

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