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CinemaWorld Country Showcase
Posted on Aug, 31, 2021 | 16:51 pm


Films reflect the world, our society and the stories of our lives. Every film is influenced by all its units – the director’s vision, the actors’ imagination, the scriptwriter’s intention…the place itself. The country that a film is set in or originates from adds a lot of depth to the narrative.

CinemaWorld has a collection of films from all over the world, and starting from now, we want to celebrate the individual countries that produce the shows we’ve come to love. This September, CinemaWorld brings to you, our loyal audience, its first ever country showcase that highlights stories originating from one location.

The Sri Lankan Showcase illuminates the important stories of our everyday struggles, with our FIRST Sri Lankan feature film premiering on both CinemaWorld and CinemaWorld On-Demand*.  In addition, the showcase will present three Sri Lankan Shorts on our linear channel, two of which are premiering during this event.

The showcase also includes a special online event ‘Just Conversations: Sri Lankan Showcase’ which will be shown on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Watch exclusive commentary from all four directors, as they share an open and honest conversation with us on their journey in filmmaking. Whether they are just starting out, or whether they have years of experience behind them, their insight and stories about Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan film industry adds to the beauty of the showcase.

Learn more about the films and what went on behind the scenes before you watch the films on CinemaWorld.

Catch the Sri Lankan Showcase on 19th and 20th September. Catch the interview event on our social media pages, and the movies on our CinemaWorld Channel.

19th Sept

Just Conversations: Sri Lankan Showcase: 7.30pm SIN (On Facebook & YouTube)

Silent Tears: 8.40pm SIN

Burning Birds: 9.00pm SIN


20th Sept

A Story Nobody Cares About: 11.30pm SIN

Sneha: The Black In Every Pink: 11.40pm SIN

Silent Tears: 11.50pm SIN


“No matter where the cinema goes, we cannot afford to lose sight of its beginnings.”

Martin Scorsese


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*CinemaWorld On-Demand is available on Unifi TV (Malaysia), StarHub TV (Singapore), Dens TV and First Media (Indonesia) and Peo TV (Sri Lanka).