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Top 10 Must-Watch foreign movies on CinemaWorld

Top 10 Must-Watch foreign movies on CinemaWorld

We celebrate a momentous milestone this year when CinemaWorld turns 10. 


With 10 years behind us, Team CinemaWorld have decided to put together a list of our top 10 favorites from our curation of international movies.


CinemaWorld’s curation of movies are handpicked and presented to you in the original languages because we believe in the power of movies to connect people across borders, boundaries and cultures.


These 10 movies resonated with us and we would like to recommend them to you. Each member of Team CinemaWorld has different preferences so what we have assembled is a list that covers all our members’ likes, favorite genres and more. 


Hopefully, you will find some that you love too. Read on to find out more on what kind of movies Team CinemaWorld loves, and why they love it. 


To Live To Sing



“Beneath the colorful and lively performances of this Chinese Opera troupe, lies the battles of  a generation of time and traditions against a changed world  today, where such art form has lost its relevance to the young and community at large. It’s a poignant struggle to witness as one sees the parallels in other different trades and facets of life today. And instead of lamenting, this troupe gives their all in their performances before the inevitable farewell.” - Toi, the ‘Spotter’.




“It’s funny, and chaotic. It has selfish grandparents, odd babysitters, baby’s cries being promptly drowned out by Beethoven’s Sonata  and more, throwing the couple’s lives into a turmoil. It’s just a fun ride.”  - Meghana, the “Poet”.





“The film is quite intimate. The bonds shown between a mother, daughter and a pregnant stranger is honestly deeply touching.” - Junaida, the “Seer”.


The Carer



“I love the banter between the young carer and the old man. It’s super entertaining especially with the charisma of Brian Cox (from Succession) paired with the exuberant Coco König. Their comedic chemistry really makes this movie sentimental and also a must-watch.” - Meghana, the “Poet” 


Veins Of The World



“'Veins of the World’ is a film that defines what CinemaWorld is about. It’s intimate, and filled with sweeping emotion all at once. And at its core, it possesses a sincerity that actually invites genuine empathy for the story it’s telling.” - Suarina, the “Shepherd”.


My Little Sister



“The film is permeated with kindness, warmth and tenderness for these war-scorched children who had to experience the sorrows of war. It also shows the beautiful and majestic landscapes of the Bashkir nature together with simplistic rural village life.” - Jim, the “Chief”


H Is For Happiness



“Great cinematography that leaves you in awe! It’s a colorful coming-of-age dramedy that is also a feel-good entertainment film for the whole family.” - Pearlyn, the “Bean-Counter”





“This film brings forward conversations about stereotypes. An orthodox Jewish paraprofessional and a devout Muslim teacher, both are shown to have something in common. They have to go through the process of finding husbands in arranged marriages. Eventually the film breaks stereotypes from both a religious and racial standpoint.” - Rizal, the “Sniper” 


The Etruscan Smile



"Essentially the film is a study of one man dealing with a terminal illness. It’s about how he tries to right some of his wrongs in his life. At the very least, the movie reminds people to not take loved ones for granted and to really think about what they want to leave behind long after they are gone. Of course, there’s also Brian Cox and he never fails to impress.” - Junaida, the “Seer”. 


Pure White



"I love any film that has psychology at play. This film plays around with two concepts - religion and morality - and reveals how they are different but also as concepts, they complement each other. By hollowing out this idea of “conservative morality", the film presents a character who is crushed under the weight of remorse. It’s a smart film overall. - Niza, the “Organiser”.


You can watch these 10 films on CinemaWorld Channel this January. Head over to the Schedule to check showtimes now. Or you may watch them on CinemaWorld On-Demand (only available in some territories).


If you do not have CinemaWorld yet, subscribe here.


Let us know what are your favorite films from our film curation.


~ Team CinemaWorld


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