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Ramadhan-Eid Celebrations

Ramadhan-Eid Celebrations

April is a special celebratory time for all Muslim communities around the world.

Ramadan (started March and into April) is a journey of empathy, discipline and self- sacrifice; integral with the fasting days that mark the Ramadan period.  Generosity towards others and those who are less fortunate are important hallmarks observed.

Upon the end of Ramadan, the celebrations of Eid-al-fitr begins in April.

Eid is a time of happy celebrations with family and friends. Families and relatives come together for the joyous festivities; honoring togetherness and partaking in sharing and the community spirit.

CinemaWorld follows the lead of this special month of April and shares with everyone a highly entertaining curation of films that celebrate family, friendship and community.


BINTI (Belgium)(Family/Comedy)

Binti (12), is of Congolese origin but has always lived in Belgium. She wants to become famous thanks to her vlog “Binti’s Bubble”. But her potential expulsion and that of her father Jovial threatens to shatter her dream. Binti sees only one solution to the problem: her dad must marry the mother of Elias (11), who is Belgian.

Director Frederike Migom’s debut film BINTI had its World Premiere @ the Sundance Film Festival 2020, and it was nominated for the Best Flemish Film @ the Magritte Awards, Belgium 2020. Young actress Bebel Tshiani Baloji was nominated for her outstanding performance @ the Magritte Awards, Belgium 2020, and Film Festival Oostende, 2019.


ODDBALL (Australia)(Action & Adventure/Family)

A film based on a true story, Oddball is a sheep dog that becomes the unlikely protector of a penguin sanctuary from fox attacks.

Amongst the multitude of outstanding accolades that this movie received from various Australian film awards (including Favorite Australian Film Nominee, Audience Choice Award, Australian Academy of Cinema & Television Arts Awards 2015), the movie ODDBALL was a popular box office hit in Australia. ODDBALL also won awards from film festivals in American such as Mill Valley Film Festival and Traverse City Film Festival.


MEISIE (South Africa)(Drama)

Meisie is a heart-warming and heart-breaking tale of a goat-herding young girl who wants to go to school. When a young schoolteacher form Cape Town is posted to a small rural town in the Kalahari Desert, she encounters a talented but uneducated little girl whose life she is determined to turn around. In her battle to teach Meisie, the teacher must convince Meisie’s father, a sceptical and hardened man, of the benefits and importance of education.

In addition to critical acclaim, this movie was screened at the Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea 2007 and the Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden 2008.

The Director is Hollywood-experienced well-known South African helmer Darell James Roodt best known for Cry, the Beloved Country and YESTERDAY, which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, Academy Awards 2005.



Philosophy professor Paolo finds himself losing his teenage daughter to her social media addiction. His efforts to stop her from using social media, ironically results in him becoming a social media influencer himself!

The Best Comedy Nominee @ the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2021, this relatable film was directed by Michela Andreozzi, starring Fabio Volo and Ginevra Francesconi.


VEINS OF THE WORLD (Mongolia)(Drama)

Eleven-year-old Amra lives the traditional Mongolian life on the Steppes. He is an aspiring singer; nursing dreams of participating in “Mongolia’s Got Talent”. His world is upended when his father is killed in an accident. Survival takes precedence and he ends up working for the illegal gold miners who are destroying the Mongolian Steppes. But is this the way to honor his father and his family?

Directed by Mongolian director Byambasuren Davaa, this beautiful-looking film which offers an arresting portrait of nomadic life was Mongolia’s Official Submission to the 93rd Academy Awards 2021- Best International Feature Film.

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