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Headliners - 7 compelling true stories that made headlines

7 compelling true stories that made headlines.

This August on CinemaWorld, we present to you “Headliners” – a collection of films that drew inspiration from compelling true stories that captured international headlines. Whether a sensational love crime that shocked Australia in the late 1990s or a memoir of WWII’s most enigmatic and mysterious female spy, these films will surely leave you hanging on to its threads of truth.


Catch One Breath on CinemaWorld on 9 August (9PM SIN), an awe-inspiring tribute to the late freediving champion, Molchanova. It traces her life trajectory – from her failed marriage to her dissatisfaction with her dreary life and finally, to that fateful day in August 2015 when she descended into the deep blue on one breath and never resurfaced. With eerily spellbinding cinematography from 100 metres below sea level, this is a film that will show you what true female courage and human endeavour looks like.


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From Italy, we have “Duisburg”, a gritty mob movie that spotlights the decades long San Luca Vendetta between two Calabrian mafia clans. In 2007, the feud culminated in a bloody finale, the infamous “Ferragosto massacre” in Duisburg, Germany.


On a lighter note, there’s the Italian film, “The Startup”, which tells the true story of the young Italian Mark Zuckerberg, Matteo Achilli, who began his own networking platform at only 19 years old.


Up north, “The Spy” is a German historical drama inspired by the life of WWII double agent and femme fatale, Vera von Schalburg, also known as Vera Eriksen or ‘The Most Beautiful Spy’.


From Poland, “Strike” is a gripping fictionalised biopic about Anna Walentynowicz, affectionately known as the “mother of independent Poland” for her crucial role in establishing the Solidarity trade union and labour activism. Directed by Academy Award winner, Volker Schlöndorff.


In the 2017 Sundance Grand Jury Award Winner, “The Nile Hilton Incident”, an increasingly fractured Cairo is thrown into the spotlight as civilian tensions rise and politicians’ immunity dissolve. The movie is inspired by the murder of Lebanese Arab singer Suzanne Tamim in Dubai in 2008.


Lastly, we have “Joe Cinque’s Consolation” from Down Under. It tells the sensational true story of Joe Cinque and his beautiful but narcissistic girlfriend, Anu Singh. It’s 1997 and in a horrifying twist of events, Singh concocts a macabre plan to end her mental suffering – one that will shake the nation with its chilling cruelty.


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