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Award-winning films from Berlin International film festival

Award-winning films from Berlin International film festival

This February, CinemaWorld journeys with you to the global cultural city of Berlin; crossroads of the arts.

Together, we will encounter the dynamic and prestigious Berlin Int’l Film Festival.

This year’s Berlin International Film Festival; it’s 73rd edition (from February 16 to 26); is one of the biggest & most prestigious film festivals of the world.

Always at the frontiers of creative explorations, this diversity-inclusive event is a magnet for international film talents.

The center piece of the Berlin Int’l Film Festival is the Competition; a showcase of films from around the world, spirited film selections that embody innovation; always stretching the boundaries that lay new tracks for the cinematic encounter.

For the month of February, CinemaWorld takes you to the heart and pulse of the Berlin Int’l FF with a special curation of films that garnered outstanding accolades from the Berlin Int’l film festival.


KIDS RUN (Year 2020)

Best Film Nominee: Berlin Int’l FF 2020

A former boxer is forced to rejoin the dangerous amateur boxing circuit to earn his keep when he loses his labourer job which threatens his ability to maintain custody of his three beloved kids.

Following through the lens of director Barbara Ott, audience are in for an emotional rollercoaster where she revisits parenthood in tough circumstances previously explored in multiple award-winning short film – Sunny (2013).



Generation KPlus : Best Film Nominee: Berlin Int’l FF 2020

After 11 year old Amra loses his dad in a tragic accident, the brave young lad is faced with the dilemma of earning a living working for the illegal mining conglomerates (destroying the nomadic life of his people) or follow his heart and honor his dad and community.

Directed by Byambasuren Davaa, the director of Oscar nominated documentary, “The Story of the Weeping Camel”, Veins of The World brings audience on Amra’s bitter-sweet journey after the sudden loss of his dad.


MACONDO (2014)

Golden Bear Nominee: Berlin Int’l FF 2014

A little boy growing up in the refugee settlement of Macondo (in the outskirts of Vienna) is thrust into being head of the household after his father’s death. Will he be able to provide for his mom and two little sisters?

Directed by Sudabeh Mortezai, this critically acclaimed film showcase the story of a child refugee who became the head of the household after the passing of his father in a foreign society.


KUMA (2012)

Best First-Feature Nominee: Berlin Int’l FF 2012

Ayse is tricked into becoming the 2nd wife of a Turkish man (with a wife dying of cancer) but accepts her fate and forges a close friendship with the dying wife.

This award-winning film directed by Umut Dağ addresses political and social issues packed with rich emotions.


FLESH OUT (2019)

Best First-Feature Nominee: Berlin Int’l FF 2019

Following the tradition of Mauritanian culture, a young lady Verida, is forced to over-eat to gain a voluptuous figure in preparation for her arranged marriage. Verida starts challenging this age-old practice when she feels alienated with her own body.

Directed by Michela Occhipinti, this melodrama conveys powerful emotions as the film relooks at long standing traditions in a modern world.



FIPRESCI Prize Winner: Berlin Int’l FF 2021

Young Yusuf’s best friend becomes gravely ill at their boarding school; tucked away in the snowy mountains. To save his friend and get him proper medical help, Yusuf rages battles with the rigid authoritarian teachers and principal.

Director Ferit Karahan, brings audience into a heart-rendering, piercing story revolving around obstacles caused by authority, bureaucracy through the lens of a child.

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