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6 Feel-Good Films to Watch This Holiday Season

6 Feel-Good Films to Watch This Holiday Season

Add these to your Holiday Movie List!

Hang up your stockings and whip out the tinsel, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! This December, get into the festivities with these 6 must watch holiday movies available only on CinemaWorld and CinemaWorld On-Demand.


New to CinemaWorld and premiering on Christmas Day itself, kick back with this Christmas flick after a day of festivities and join Santa for an adventure in this Italian comedy…


Who Framed Santa Claus?

Wonderfast, a highly successful online delivery company, enjoys great business all year round except during Christmas. Despite attempts to sabotage Santa Claus, their efforts produce unexpected results. Will the Christmas spirit prevail after all?


Looking for something to keep the whole family roaring with laughter? Check out…


Parents Vs Influencers

Philosophy professor Paolo is a single father who finds himself losing his teenage daughter to her social media addiction. His efforts to dissuade her from using social media ironically results in Paolo becoming a social media influencer himself.


Maybe family fun times isn’t your jive - No problem, get ready for a hysterical time with…


Men Do What They Can

Paul is a bachelor and a charming womanizer. But his life takes an abrupt turn when he falls deeply in love with Iris, an engaged woman. With the help of his best guy pals and his Rottweiler dog, he goes all out to woo her with hilarious consequences.


Looking for even raunchier laughs to end the year with? Well, there’s no better way to sign off 2022 than with a barrel of joy! Don’t miss…


Joy Of Fatherhood

Felix enjoys his single life to the fullest, but a ferret bites him, sterilizing him in the process. He tries everything in his power to find the soon-to-be mother of his only child, the result of his first and last sperm donation.


Stuck with love on the brain but no lover to exchange gifts with? Get your romance fix right here with…


7 Hours To Win Your Heart

When Giulio’s fiancée cheats on him right before their wedding, the newly singled Giulio decides to attend classes to win back his fiancée taught by Valeria, a beautiful and determined relationship coach disillusioned with love.


Still not sated and need your love stories to embrace the holiday spirit? Tis the season for…


Love Suddenly

Still hung up on his teenage sweetheart Marie, Jakob sets out to win her back. However, she is under the mistaken impression that he is more successful than he actually is. Soon, Jakob finds himself in a web of lies he cannot escape from.


 A Warm Seasons Greetings and Toasty New Year from Team CinemaWorld to you!

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