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France Singapore Festival - must attend events this November!

France Singapore Festival - must attend events this November!

vOilah! is BACK

This November, CinemaWorld partners with The French Embassy for a fourth year for their annual flagship event, vOilah! France Singapore Festival! This year’s Festival is themed “Inspiration” and it runs from 26 October to 27 November 2022!


The festival continues to celebrate the success and strength of France and Singapore’s bilateral partnership. Visitors can look forward to a line-up specially curated to spark inspiration and enlighten minds and souls as we look ahead with hope for the rest of the year and beyond.


Expect to be blown away with 40 new and eye-opening co-creations and co-productions between our two countries.  The vOilah! Festival includes events such as exhibitions, concerts, multimedia installations, sports events, and food market! There’s something for everyone at vOilah! 2022 which promises to be an engaging month of programmes for every interest and aspiration.



38th French Film Festival


CinemaWorld is proud to be an ongoing partner in supporting the annual French Film Festival, the longest running foreign film festival in Singapore. This year’s edition represents a celebration of French storytelling through various genres, including thrillers, action, drama, romance, comedy and animation, to suit every filmgoer.


CinemaWorld is committed to supporting compelling and entertaining international films and the French Film Festival is a wonderful opportunity. Arguably, French Filmmakers and Directors (such as Jean-Luc Godard) have shaped film-making all around the world, and France is one of the most active co-producers of films. It has a long history of being involved in international co-productions. Our CinemaWorld curation consists of a select few of these, such as Submission (Portugal/France), To Live To Sing (China/France/Canada), Domingo (Mexico/France/Austria) & The Soul Of The Tigre (Switzerland/Belgium/France).



From this year’s line up, CinemaWorld recommends:


True Stories

November, a thriller by Cedric Jimenez with Jean Dujardin that relates the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015;


Notre Dame on Fire, a dramatization by Jean-Jacques Annaud paying tribute to Paris firefighters’ exceptional commitment during the 2019 fire with both real-life footage and fictional material (which the CinemaWorld Team had a chance to catch at a special screening with the presence of the director himself)


Simone: The Journey of the Century, an inspiring biopic about Simone Veil, a prominent woman pioneer in the French government and European Union in the 20th century.



Kompromat by Jerôme Salle, a jaw-dropping film starring Gilles Lellouche



Light-hearted Comedies

Wilderness Therapy by Edouard Deluc


Rumba Therapy by Franck Dubosc


Family Flicks

Little Nicolas – Happy As Can Be, an animated film for the little ones.


This year to bring French cinema closer to Singaporean homes, free screenings have been organised at selected public libraries too!


And finally, paying tribute to the legendary film director Jean-Luc Godard who passed away recently, there will be a showcase, a retrospective of his most influential films.


At CinemaWorld, we believe in connecting people through shared stories and art. This partnership with The French Embassy embodies this exchange of ideas, sharing of cultures and appreciation of differences that CinemaWorld stands for, and we are grateful to be a platinum partner of the Voilah! France Singapore Festival.


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