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Unbroken Women - a collection of empowering films

5 empowering stories of strength in adversity.

“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


We can’t agree more. This March, CinemaWorld recognizes these troopers on “Unbroken Women” with 5 empowering stories of strength in adversity.


From traumatic true stories of real-life women like Armida Miserere, the first female warden of a high security Italian prison in Like The Wind, to Evegnia Ginzburg, a Russian poet who survived an 18-year-sentence in the Gulags in Within The Whirlwind.


In Anna, follow the investigations of a steely and determined photojournalist who paid a high price for her exposé on a sex trafficking ring in Thailand.


Vittoria, a young magistrate, moves to South Italy in hopes of defeating the Calabrian Mafia. Rather than fight head-on with the strong-willed men, she appeals to the women and children of the household. Will she succeed? Don’t miss Land of Saints (2015 Golden Globe Italy nominee).


A light-hearted but immensely heart-warming drama, Amreeka is a 2009 Cannes Film Festival Winner centred on the journey and adjustment woes of a Palestinian single mother trying to start a new life in small-town Illinois.


And an exclusive peek into the plight of political prisoners in Israel in documentarian Mai Masri’s first feature film, 3000 Nights, as the drama unfolds and reveals the realities of prison in a region where women are looked down on.


Watch these powerful films that celebrate the will, strength, and grace of women across time and space on CinemaWorld, every Sunday at 9PM SIN or anytime on CinemaWorld On-Demand*.


*Available in selected territories.

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