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The most high-profile film award ceremony - 95th Academy Awards

The most high-profile film award ceremony - 95th Academy Awards

The Academy Awards (US), affectionately known as The Oscars, takes place on 13 March 2023.

This year marks the 95th edition of the Academy Awards (US).

So, roll out the red carpet, plump up the glamour and glide away with glitz! The yearly Oscars red carpet is a flashy parade of Hollywood’s stars, togged up in their scintillating best; ready to dazzle the world.

Behind the lovely and visual spectacle of the Oscars, serious business ensues. Because the Oscars is arguably amongst the most high-profile film achievement award globally. A precious and well sought-after recognition by many in the film industry, the Oscars is the coveted pinnacle of film-making prestige and honor.

Integral to the numerous annual awards handed out by the Academy, is the award that honors the best of films produced outside of the US. Prior to year 2020, the award for non-US films was known as “Best Foreign Language Film”. From 2020, this award became known as “Best International Feature Film”.

Each country is invited by the Academy, to submit 1 film it considers as it’s best. There will be 15 shortlisted films from these global submissions; narrowed down to 5 final nominee films; of which one will be awarded “Best International Feature Film” winner.

As a tribute to films from around the world, CinemaWorld celebrates the “Best International Feature Film” Oscars award this March.

CinemaWorld honors two film entrants for the Oscars “Best International Feature Film”award :-


COMMITMENT HASSAN (2021)(Turkey/Türkiye)

Farmer Hasan is at the crossroads of challenges vs new opportunities when a high voltage mast might end up in the middle of his most fertile farmland. Is he able to resolve this invasion of modernity given that his neighbor’s farmland is up for sale?

This movie was submitted as Turkey’s entry to the 94th Academy Awards for “Best International Feature Film” in year 2022.

Directed by Turkish Director Semih Kaplanoglu, whose previous work has won awards from Venice and Berlin film festival, Commitment Hassan was accorded high international recognition as a Nominee of the highly prestigious “Un Certain Regard” award, at the Cannes Film Festival 2021, along with several awards from film festivals around the world.


TRUTH AND JUSTICE (2019)(Estonia)

Directed by Estonian writer-director Tanel Toom, his previous work The Second Coming won awards from Venice Film Festival and was hailed as the “Best European Short Film” at Avanca Film Festival. TRUTH AND JUSTICE was Estonia’s entry to the 92nd Academy Awards for “Best International Feature Film” in year 2020. And it received the honor of being amongst the 15 shortlisted international films that year.

Back home, this epic drama achieved the highest honor as the biggest hit movie in Estonia’s cinemas since independence. Additionally, it was Winner of “Best Movie of the Year” at the Estonia Press Academy 2019.

The movie tells the story of a young Andres who dreams of transforming the family farm into a prosperous undertaking; only to be faced by seemingly insurmountable headwinds that battle his quest.


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