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Spilling The Tea On CinemaWorld

It started with a pinch of curiosity and a well-timed email, and it ended five months later with a diverse portfolio and a wealth of new experiences that I wouldn’t trade for all the world.  



I still recall the anxiety and excitement bubbling in my chest when I first stepped into the office. Did I know at the time that I’d be walking into a rollercoaster of an internship that would both whip me into shape and take me on a ride? Hardly. That was something I would have to learn the old-fashioned way.



Coming in during a big transitionary period for the brand was daunting. I stumbled headfirst into project after project and found myself stretched in every direction imaginable. Article writing, video editing, website management, administrative work - I had my hands in the lot. It was a trying time, and for every stress-induced tear shed over the workload was a thrill down my spine at the sense of accomplishment I got for completing it.



That isn’t to say it was all work and no play - because I definitely had my fair share of that. Being invited to movie screenings, mixology classes and even scoring free tickets to the French Film Festival are just a few of the crazy things I got to do during my time here. If you were to ask me for my personal favorite work activity however, that award definitely goes to watching our films without subtitles. I derived so much joy from simply watching films with absolutely zero context and having to patchwork together plots from my limited understanding of the stories - some to more effect than others.



But as all good things do, this journey too must come to an end. This will be my last contribution to CinemaWorld, my swan song if you will, and I’ll be leaving with a heavy heart. Despite that, I’m not walking away empty-handed. Over the course of the past five months of interning, I’ve learned and experienced so much that I otherwise would have never gotten the opportunity to do. I’ll be returning to finish up my third year of university a more well-rounded and interesting individual than I was when I started it, and I think that alone is enough to justify this as a deeply worthwhile venture.



If you’re looking to polish up your marketing skills, build up a portfolio and are just generally interested in movies, consider joining the team! Until then, this is your friendly neighborhood intern signing off!


Thank you for always being a reliable team player and for bringing the fun Sam! Your insights, contributions and creativity will be missed but pinkies up to a wonderful journey ahead! 

- Team CinemaWorld

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