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Reunion & Reconciliation - a collection of poignant films

“The sweetness of reunion is the joy of heaven.” – Richard Paul Evans (American author)

This November on CinemaWorld, we present to you “Reunion & Reconciliation” – a collection of films that celebrate the most touching, chaotic, tragic, and unexpected reunions and reconciliations. Whether highly anticipated or unexpected, ephemeral or eternal, reunions present ripe opportunity for the exploration of personal, familial and societal boundaries. Embark on a titillating journey across time, space and generations.



Our headlining title is Sundance Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize Nominee Chorus”, a mature, love story borne out of unspeakable tragedy. A separated couple of 10 years reunite when the body of their missing son is found. With closure imminent, the traumatic wound slowly heals and they find renewed value in each other’s companionship.


Next, there’s “Let Me Go”, based on the true story of Helga Schenider whose mother abandoned her to join the Nazi SS. Almost six decades later, Helga’s family locate her but the curse of past traumas returns to haunt the three generations of women. Starring Lucy Boynton from the 2018 breakout box-office biopic film, Bohemian Rhapsody.


Our third pick is German romcom “Catch Of The Day”. An ambitious young man is forced to leave Hamburg to care for his sick father in his small-town city. Determined to find any excuse to escape this circumstance, he resorts to extreme and at times, all-too-unfeasible methods to find a way out.


Based on a true story, Rafaël portrays the heartbreaking separation of Tunisian husband Nazir and his pregnant Dutch wife Kimmy when he is denied entry into Holland. Nazir attempts to cross the dangerous seas but ends up getting caught. Against all odds, his wife fights to rescue him.


Our final selection is October November”, an Austrian Film Award Best Feature Film Nominee (2014) on a story of two estranged sisters who reunite in their family home with their aged father. Together, slowly but surely, old wounds lay bare and long-held secrets are revealed.


Catch these 5 films anytime on CinemaWorld On-Demand*.


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