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New Beginnings, New Films Releases

New Beginnings, New Films Releases

We can always begin again...


The past year has not been kind to anyone. There have been many rapid changes that required us to adapt and figure out new ways to live our lives.


The way we work has changed. The way we celebrate festivals, weddings, birthdays has changed. The most important moments of our lives are now captured through videos when we can’t meet in person.


With all these changes, came a lot of tough times too. We have had to overcome challenges we never considered before and sometimes it’s hard to pick yourself up and try again when something doesn’t work out as planned.


Yet, even throughout all these travails, it is important to remember that we can always move past our struggles. We can always start anew if we have hope…


This December, focus on the stories that make us remember how to hope, and how to celebrate life anew. Sit back on your couch with your loved ones and spend time cherishing the moments that matter – the moments where we realize that we can still try again tomorrow.


As difficult as these past years have been, it is never too late to stop and try again. Despite the uncertainties ahead, we must continue to move forward boldly, embrace change, adapt, and remain hopeful. Because no matter where we are, we can always begin again.


Catch the 4 movie marathons on these two weekends, with premiering titles on Sundays from 8.40pm.


H is for Happiness Paper Boats Meet The Wangs Out Of Paradise
Opposites Attract International Falls Top End Wedding Kokowaah
Stay 7 Wishes To Live To Sing East of Sweden
Wonderland Winter’s Daughter Mom Or Dad? I’m Losing It
Lilly’s Bewitched Christmas A Date Han Timun Mas
Three Quarter Moon Karnaval The Etruscan Smile The Girl With Nine Wigs


For other play dates, check out our schedule at


Or simply binge watch the movies only on CinemaWorld On-Demand*, available on Unifi TV (Malaysia), StarHub TV (Singapore), Dens TV and First Media (Indonesia) and Peo TV (Sri Lanka) from December 1!

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