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National Day Hat Trick!

National Day Hat Trick!

This August, celebrate not one, but three National Days!

CinemaSHORT has always aimed to spotlight local talents and bring stories with uniquely Asian flavours beyond borders. Southeast Asia is brimming with young talent, rife with creativity and vivacious passion for their craft, and it has been a pleasure to aid in their efforts to keep the Southeast Asian short film industry colourful and chugging on. Here is our list of hidden gems directed, acted and filmed by Asians for Asians to fuel that national pride:


On the 9th of August, let’s celebrate with these titles exclusive to Singapore!


Han (Directed by Jonathan Choo)


After his son inadvertently killed a Korean girl in a hit and run accident, Hoh Yim travels to South Korea to reconcile with the victim’s parents but learns far more about himself than he ever expected to.




A Fleeting Moment (Directed by Jeth Heng)


There are no temporal boundaries to love. Entrapped by memories of a decade lost to them, two ex-lovers cross paths once again in their later years. And all it takes is a tiny, serendipitous moment for the sparks to fly once again.




Return The Night (Directed by Whitney Tan)


Return the Night tells a story about Xu Xin, who tries to make sense of what happened to her, as event over the night unfolded with only faint pieces of memory lingering.




Because Of You (Directed by Sanaa Mariam)


Farhaan storms out of the house after an argument with his girlfriend Maya. As they try to understand one another so that they can reconcile, they are made to face their flaws and work through the conflict.




The Postman (Directed by Francis Lau)


A rogue cop must disengage himself from drug trafficking or lose his marriage forever. When he chooses to act, he finds out life sometimes does not offer a second chance.




On the 17th of August, Indonesian viewers will be in for a treat!



Timun Mas (Directed by Fritz Widjaja)


After striking a deal with a giant, a widow sees her dream of having a child fulfilled. The child born from a giant golden fruit, who has now grown up, must fight to change her fate of being given back to the giant.




#instalie (Directed by Luthfi Dzulfikar)


Laras is an influencer and Haikal, her faithful boyfriend cum photographer. Together, they’ve amassed a strong legion of adoring fans. However, their picture-perfect relationship is unexpectedly shattered when Haikal meets a mysterious lady at a party.




A Date (Directed by Leonardus Jalu Fernada)


Fauzi tries to help his friend, To, with finding love on a dating app. Although initially reluctant, To warms up to the idea of the app and lands a date with his match, but soon realizes that he and his date weren’t entirely honest on the app.




Inauspiciously Awkward (Directed by Joedo Kartika)


In a conversation with his older brother, a socially-awkward boy learns about himself, and gains a new perspective on his struggle with making friends.




Hope (Directed by Prisca Devani)


A silent animation that shines a light on the often-eschewed topic of child marriages. Far from a blessing, such marriages rob the adolescent of a fulfilling life of opportunities; instead, it leaves the child shackled to a life of silenced dreams.




Come the 31st of August, get in the celebration mood with these shorts specially for our Malaysian crowd!



Samudera (Directed by Aiman Ariffin)


An Illegal maid who accidentally drowned her employer’s infant, now faces the dilemma on whether to leave the country with her daughter or stay and face the consequences.




Suraya (Directed by Zulaikha Zakaria)


Caught between the desire to dance and the expectations put on her by family through religious beliefs, a young ballerina named Suraya must decide if she can play the lead in a current production.




Nautical (Directed by Fikri ZamRi)



A traditional fisherman’s desperation leads him to use blast fishing, a method which is illegal and destructive to the sea. When it backfires on him, he finds himself stuck on a rock in the middle of the sea.




When Night Falls (Directed by Iskandar Ahmad)


Azlan, a 16 year-old dressmaker, falls for a customer at his aunt’s dressmaking shop. She becomes a frequent fixture in Azlan’s life as a regular customer, and their relationship grows closer. However, everything changes when he finds out her secret…




Melissa (Directed by Sahira Jeffrey)


A thriller film about a domestically abused 9-year-old girl, Melissa, forming a bond with her captor after being kidnapped.




Done sampling the local delights or not part of these territories? Have no fear- we have one more surprise in store! We carry more than just award-winning pictures, and to prove it we have prepared four of our best foreign blockbuster hits to keep your spirits high throughout the month, only available on CinemaWorld On Demand.



Kidz – Italy


Sara and Nicola are married and in love. Their lives seem to be perfect: they have an angelic six-year-old daughter, thriving careers and a stable marriage. The birth of their second child, which disrupts the family balance, leads to tragicomic scenarios.




Kokowaah – Germany


Henry gets a second chance at success and love when he is hired to co-write a screenplay with his ex-girlfriend. But when a little girl turns up at his door claiming to be his daughter from a one-night stand 8 years ago, everything changes forever.




The Grump – Finland/Iceland


After a bad fall, a grumpy old farmer is forced to move to the city to live with his meek son and domineering daughter-in-law. He ends up squabbling with her and the house becomes a chaotic hellhole. Yet, with time, the family becomes closer than ever.




7 Wishes – Russia


Marina loses her passport on the eve of her wedding. When she fails to locate it, she takes to her last resort: a wish marathon. She asks the Universe for seven wishes and soon realises that the best blessings come in disguise.




Catch these phenomenal shorts and feature films only on CinemaWorld On Demand!*


*only available in selected territories

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