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Love & Laughs - a collection of romantic comedy films

Hilarious courtship encounters and happy endings all February!


Self-partnered? Attached? Status-confused? No problem. These sack load of playfully likeable characters, charmingly exotic locations and colourfully romantic situations are good for all.


We begin the romantic voyage from beautiful sun-soaked shores in Love In Bora Bora, to the royal Renaissance streets in Love In Andalusia, down the vibrant Pink City in Love In Jaipur and over the Baroque architecture of Europe’s Window to the West in Love In Saint-Petersburg.  Definitely a journey of romance you won’t want to miss. Every Monday at 9PM SIN on CinemaWorld channel.


Want more? Why not.

Grab those chips and binge watch a medley of rib-tickling romantic comedies on CinemaWorld On-Demand. Anytime, your timeThings may start off a little rough initially but that’s what makes the ending a lot sweeter.


We forge ahead to the East and immediately dive into the arms of a hunky smuggler in Romancing The Jungle, a bit of quicksand just to make things more exciting and we then conveniently crash in on Love And Other Accidents – which by the way, stars two of Sweden’s most beloved actors.  Skip a turn and we progress to Men Do What They Can, a male-centric comedy that will reveal just how love-starved men can actually get. Glad you’re still on board.  Stay on and It’s Your Turn, Honey!, a German remake and adaptation of the 2015 French blockbuster hit Papa ou Maman.


So catch them all and many more, on CinemaWorld and CinemaWorld On-Demand.


WARNING! These movies may result in permanent laugh lines.

Group-watching is highly recommended.

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