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Love & Forgiveness - a series of poignant films

An anthology of affection and reconciliation.

2020 begins with the theme Love & Forgiveness on CinemaWorld On-Demand. The grace of forgiveness and power of love captured in 6 poignant stories.


A moving love story born in a time of hatred and war, My Beautiful Country is a Munich Film Festival winner and one not to be missed. Indiewire calls it a “rare tearjerker”.


Chorus is a modern black and white drama about a couple who is forced to reconcile after the horrific death of their child.


Profound and touching, Paris La Blanche is a parable of migration and a search for one’s family. A wife leaves her village and journeys to a foreign land to find her husband who left decades ago.


Leander’s Final Journey, a gripping and touching drama about a former WWII officer travelling to a land in turmoil to find the only woman he ever loved.


A Minute’s Silence, a poetic rendition of love lost and nostalgia of a taboo relationship. A student struggles to mourn the sudden death of his teacher as he reflects on his first love with maturity and fondness.


Between Worlds*, a portrait of love and acceptance beyond boundaries. Two women meet at a hospital moments after a terror attack in Jerusalem. Both hide a secret but will come to learn about truth, faith and overcoming the unknown.


Catch these great tales that will certainly tug at your heartstrings. Watch them all, ANYTIME, on CinemaWorld On-Demand.

*Available in selected territories.

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