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Jakarta Film Week showcases short & feature films

Jakarta Film Week showcases short & feature films

CinemaWorld will be participating in the upcoming second edition of Jakarta Film Week. The event initiated by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Tourism and Creative Economy Office will be happening from October 13 to October 16. During this event, there will be an international showcase of short and feature films that display emerging talents, stories, and ideas of the post-pandemic world.


We are pleased to announce that five short films from CinemaSHORT (CinemaWorld’s curation of short films) have been selected to be screened during the event. Jakarta Film Week offers filmmakers an opportunity for their films to be screened in the heart of the largest economy in Southeast Asia and CinemaWorld is delighted to highlight some of the diverse talent in our curation.


Zo Fan (We Look The Same)


Born in 1995, Zo FAN is an experience creator who works primarily through the mediums of filmmaking and photography.  Before heading for Paris, the city of lights, Zo was originally from Singapore and thus was shaped by the multi-cultural environment of her childhood into becoming a bridge of cultures. 


Catch this short on CinemaWorld when it premieres this November!





Fritz Malindo Wijaya (Timun Mas)


Fritz Wijaya is an artist from Indonesia. Being an artist for Wijaya means giving life to crazy and new ideas. Creating the pillars of dreams and hope to every single person. He has experience in photography, directing, writing, composing and martial arts. 





Jonathan Cheok (Cardboard House)


Jonathan Cheok is an aspiring Singaporean filmmaker, actor and comedian. He is best known for his tongue-in-cheek content on YouTube, under the alias, Cheokboardstudios. Despite having no formal film education, Jonathan has scripted, produced, acted, directed and edited more than 100 online videos for his subscribers, and clients alike. 





Lea (Breakfast)


Lea is a Singaporean animator and illustrator with a passion for bringing stories to life. She is involved in animation and art education, finding joy in encouraging the artistic voices of the next generation. Breakfast, her graduating film, was nominated for the 2020 National Youth Film Awards Media Student category.





Phạm Gia Quý / Erik Phạm  (Impermanence)


Erik Phạm is a young filmmaker born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam with a passion for directing. He has previously written and directed two independent short films. His dream is to transform the status of Vietnamese Cinema, ascending it to new levels with stories that are uniquely his but also representative of his people and culture.



While the film event will take place on 13-16 October 2022, there will be roadshow and various public programs in the months leading to the festival. Be sure to check out the event details at

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