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Real life is filled with stories of disenchantment, loss, love, empowerment, and more. Often times ‘reel’ stories are used as an escape from harsh reality we live in. However, some of the best stories are those that are rooted in real lives, real people and their very real experiences. 


Just because reality can be harsh does not mean that we should not tell stories about them, or that they cannot be powerful and moving. This year, as CinemaWorld turns 10 years old, it is evolving past just offering pure entertainment to also offering a space for real stories to be told. For the first time ever, CinemaWorld brings to its audiences, documentary feature films, ‘docu-films’. 



From April till June every month a new docu-film premiered on CinemaWorld Channel as well as CinemaWorld On-Demand*. Actual accounts of refugees, to the heart wrenching pain of separation from loved ones to the loss of the only home you’ve ever known. These three docu-films tell the stories of everyday people and the extraordinary circumstances and hurdles they face in their journey to finding each other and their place in the world. 


Along the same vein of highlighting the reality of our world in the world of films, CinemaWorld also offers some gems of films that are inspired by or based on real events and real lives. For years CinemaWorld has been connecting audiences and communities through the award-winning films it carries. This year, the film “Difret” which is executive produced by Angelia Jolie, “Black Snow” a story about the coldest region in the world, and “Kuma”, a tale of a unique friendship between two women, show the real grit and hope that our world is filled with. 



Catch the three docu-films and the other feature films on CinemaWorld and CinemaWorld On-Demand*. 


Docu – Films

Reunited – available on CMW & CMW OD

Love Child – available on CMW & CMW OD

Acasa, My Home – available on CMW & CMW OD



Black Snow – available on CMW & CMW OD

Difret – available on CMW & CMW OD

Kuma – Premieres on CMW on 3rd July

For specific play dates, check out our schedule at

CinemaWorld On-Demand* is available on Unifi TV (Malaysia), StarHub TV (Singapore), Dens TV and First Media (Indonesia) and Peo TV (Sri Lanka). 

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