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French Murder Series – a collection of investigative thrillers

Where stunning landscapes, local legends and heinous crimes entwine.

There’s something strangely cathartic about binge watching crime shows – whether that may be the blood and gore, the complex layers of detective work or the earth-shattering twists and turns of an investigation.


Indulge in good old crime with a healthy dose of picturesque French scenery with CinemaWorld’s exclusive curation of “French Murder Series” – a collection of investigative thrillers taking place each time in a different city or region in France.


Sit back on your couch with a notepad in hand and join the Gendarme in cracking murder mysteries in the 13 different French towns – from the historic Tours region to the cultural treasure of Lorraine, the snaking vineyards of Luberon to the regal towns of Brouage. Blurring the tracks brilliantly, each plot unfolds against a backdrop of local mysteries and beliefs in the heart of the cities and the most beautiful regions.


You can watch the final 4 movies on CinemaWorld’s Thriller Fridays at 10PM SIN every week this April.

APRIL 2 | Murders In Corrèze

APRIL 9 | Murder In The Larzac

APRIL 16 | Murder In The Vercors

APRIL 23 | Murder In Herault


For other play dates, check out our schedule at


Or simply binge watch all 13 movies only on CinemaWorld On-Demand*, available on Unifi TV (Malaysia), StarHub TV+ (Singapore) and Dens TV (Indonesia) from April 1 and Peo TV (Sri Lanka) from May 1.


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