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Collection of Crime Thrillers Films on CinemaWorld

Collection of Crime Thrillers Films on CinemaWorld

An evil crime, a mysterious incident, an unfathomable murder, draws out the “Agatha Christie” in many of us. 

Drawn to deadly intrigue and chased by the thrill of finding answers for our heroes & heroines in each exciting crime and thriller that comes our way in TV-land; we pounce on every clue; waiting to solve a creepy crime and watch with bated breath as each thrilling hunt unfolds. 

This month on CinemaWorld, the thick of suspense begins with four outstanding thrillers/crime exploits, helmed by mega stars in lead roles. 

EXIT (Sweden) 

- Stars Mads Mikkelsen (HANNIBAL and  the soon-to-be released INDIANA JONES & THE DIAL OF DESTINY) and Alexander Skarsgard (SUCCESSION and TRUE BLOOD)

- Directed by Swedish film director, Peter Lindmark

- Mads Mikelsen is Thomas Skepphult, owner of an investment company who gets arrested for a murder he supposedly committed. Trapped in a circle of violence and betrayals, who can Thomas trust to help cleanse his name?

INSTINCT (Netherlands) 

- This film was Netherlands’s official entrant to the 92nd Academy Awards for “Best International Feature Film''

- Stars Carice Van Houten (multi award winning actress who is also Priestess Melisandre in Game of Thrones)

- Directed by award-winning producer, Halina Reijn 

- A psychologist in charge of rehabilitating a serial sex offender crosses the line of duty when she is drawn into a manipulative relationship with the sex offender

BLACK SNOW (Russia/Yakut) 

- Winner of Best Film, Grand Prix at Window to Europe 2020

- Directed by accomplished director, Sian Davies

- A trucker delivering low quality cheap vodka and food to his own community, lies trapped and alone in the dead of winter wilderness when he is pinned to the ground in the snow whilst trying to fix a mechanical problem with his truck. Is he going to make it or will he wither away to death without any help in sight?

EAST OF SWEDEN (Finland/Sweden) 

- Official Selection at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2018 and the Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2018

- Stars Samuli Vauramo, David Nzinga and Laura Birn

- Directed by award-winning finnish director, Simo Halinen 

- Three men share a cabin on a night train – an illegal immigrant, a criminal on the run and a psychiatric patient. The lives of these 3 troubled individuals get intertwined by an accident and moral choices ensue

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