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CinemaWorld celebrates the vOilah! French Film Festival 2023 with award-winning films on demand

CinemaWorld celebrates the vOilah! French Film Festival 2023 with award-winning films on demand

The annual vOilah! French Film Festival is making its much-anticipated return to Singapore.  From 9 to 21 November 2023, enjoy the best of French cinema from all genres with film screenings taking place near you.

In honour of the vOilah! French Film Festival, CinemaWorld is spotlighting award-winning French films and French filmmakers in the upcoming months. Indulge in a parade of entertaining and award-winning French films, specially curated by Team CinemaWorld. 


Home Front

Join us on a profound cinematic voyage to the heart of history, where the echoes of the past resonate through the lives of four veterans haunted by the Algerian War. After serving 2 years in the frontlines, Bernard, Rabut, Février, and others returned to France, their experiences etched deep into their souls. They chose silence, seeking solace in the mundane rhythms of everyday life. But, the past is not so easily buried.

Catch critically acclaimed French actors Gérard Depardieu and Catherine Frot in Home Front this November.



Soane, a young man of Wallisian origin from New Caledonia, has a thirst for freedom and struggles to get the recognition that he deserves. Defying his father’s authority, Soane leaves home to play rugby in France. His near-death experience helps him learn about the price to be paid for success. 

Enjoy Mercenary, a Golden Camera nominee in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, about a young sportsman in search of his place in this world this November.


Murder Party

Welcome to the Daguerre Manor for the Murder Party! Join the family in a game that has gone horribly wrong, all while investigating the mysterious murder of the mansion’s landlord. 

Featuring a star-studded French cast, Alice Pol (“Supercondriaque”), Zabou Breitman (“The Swallows Of Kabul”, “The Devil Inside”), Pablo Pauly (“The French Dispatch”), and Gustave Kervern (“Delete History”), don’t miss the hilarious and thrilling Murder Party, premiering on CinemaWorld and CinemaWorld On Demand from 1 December onwards!


Sleepless Night

Vincent is a cop with a connection to the criminal underworld. He finds his secret life exposed when he and his partner are caught stealing cocaine from a powerful drug dealer. Now, the underworld strikes back - they have taken Vincent’s son. 

A 2011 French box-office hit that has been remade countless times, Sleepless Night keeps you at the edge of your seat. Feel the rush of adrenaline this December, on New Year’s Eve night! Sleepless Night premieres on CinemaWorld and CinemaWorld On Demand from 1 December onwards!


Keep Going 

Sybille is a divorced mother, desperate to save her violent son, Samuel from resigning to a meaningless life. As a last resort, she takes him on a horse trip across Kyrgyzstan. The magnificent yet hostile environment brings the duo together and forces them to confront their inner demons and relationship tensions.

Nominated for Best Film (Venice Days), Fedeora Award in the 2018 Venice Film Festival, Keep Going is an introspective and raw cinematic experience into a parent-child relationship and the self. Catch Keep Going on CinemaWorld this December!

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