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CinemaWorld Celebrates Love on Valentine’s Day

“Where there is love, there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi


CinemaWorld marks a double celebration this February as we welcome the Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day in the same weekend. A time for honouring love, uniting relations, and cherishing those who really matter.


CinemaWorld presents Love Celebrates – a week-long film fest with movies from Denmark, Italy, Algeria, Russia, Germany and Australia, each preceded by short films from the region – Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.


Catch all 14 films, February 8th to 14th from 8.40PM (SIN), with 2 premiering titles on Feb 14.  Or watch them anytime on CinemaWorld On-Demand*.


Date                                  CinemaShort                    CinemaWorld

Feb 8th, Monday             Heart Keeper                     Hacker

Feb 9th, Tuesday             Launderama                    Mom Or Dad?

Feb 10th, Wednesday     A + Z                                    Mascarades

Feb 11th, Thursday           Clara’s Kitchen                7 Wishes

Feb 12th, Friday                 #Instalie                         I’m Losing It

Feb 13th, Saturday           Bodhi                             Men Do What They Can

Feb 14th, Sunday         Gold Fish Street                H Is For Happiness


Love Celebrates. Because Love Celebrates Life.


*Available in selected territories.

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