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CinemaWorld Film Festival 2020

CinemaWorld Film Festival 2020

Sundays from 9PM SIN, 2 movies back-to-back

The annual CinemaWorld Film Festival is back! Our 4th edition this July brings you 8 international Film Festival favorites – every Sunday from 9PM SIN, 2 movies back-to-back.


Our headlining title, “Zagros”, is a Rotterdam International Film Festival 2018 Audience Award nominee about a happily-married Kurdish couple from different backgrounds. Life is quietly blissful until Havin is accused of adultery and they must now flee to Belgium with their daughter. Far from home and in a foreign land, Zagros is now dogged with doubt and struggles with a painful choice – love or family honour.


Winner of Best Film Feature at the Dubai International Film Festival (2008), “Mascarades” is a boisterous comedy set in a small Algerian village. Mounir dreams of being a respected figure in his community but his sister is not making things easy for him. Her medical condition turns her into a laughing stock, diminishing any chance of marriage. That is until Mounir returns home drunk one day and announces that she will soon betroth a very wealthy suitor.


“Freedom cannot be bestowed – it must be achieved.” – Elbert Hubbard. But with freedom comes great responsibility.  Simon and Julien decide to fulfil their teenage dream – embark on a spontaneous adventure ride. Armed with a motorhome, the duo quickly launches their mission with gleeful enthusiasm, until the painful reality of adult responsibility sets in. “Mobile Home” is a Best Film (Golden Leopard) nominee at the Locarno International Film Festival, 2012.


Selected for Cannes Official Selection, Special Screening, Kazakhstani black-comedy “The Owners” tells a story of three siblings forced to leave the city and return to their village family home where the District Officer’s alcoholic brother has been squatting and calling it his own. Police soon make the siblings’ lives a total hell as they fight to get their house back.


In the Lone Star state, 2015 Berlinale nominee “Petting Zoo” recounts the life of a Texan high school student Layla who is faced with an unexpected pregnancy just before graduation and the  struggles she has to go through as she prepares for life as a single teenage mom. Sundance World Cinema – Dramatic 2013 nominee “Houston” offers a riveting insight of white-collar desperation and what it takes to rebound from familial failure when things don’t go quite as planned.


“A genre-straddling gem from South America which leaves you breathless despite being almost wordless” (The Guardian), “Las Acacias” (Cannes Golden Camera 2011 winner) is an intense road trip drama that turns into a spiritual and emotional journey of animosity and telling-tenderness between middle-aged Argentinian truck driver and a Paraguayan woman with the help of her adorable 5-month-old baby.


Based on the tragic biopic of the first female prison wardens of Italy’s high-security prison comes “Like The Wind”, a L.A.R.A. award winner of Rome International Film Festival (2013) drama chronicling Armida’s dedication and struggles of her job despite dealing with the worst of mankind.


Catch them every Sunday from 9PM SIN, 2 movies back-to-back:

July 5 | The Owners & Houston

July 12 | Las Acacias & Like The Wind

July 19 | Mascarades & Petting Zoo

July 26 | Zagros & Mobile Home


You can also catch all 8 movies anytime you want on CinemaWorld On-Demand*.


*Available in selected territories.

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