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CinemaWorld Expands Its Reach with Huawei & WeWatch

Two new partnerships from April - New territories

Two new partnerships from April that have expanded CinemaWorld’s territorial reach and also our content offerings.


In April this year, we entered two exciting new partnerships to expand our territorial reach and content offerings.


With Huawei, we now offer CinemaWorld and CinemaSHORT content on Subscription Video-on-Demand (SVOD). Through this, on-demand users in India, Pakistan, Brunei, Laps, Nepal and more, will be able to enjoy our diverse curation of the best storytellers from the around the world. This partnership has added at least ten new territories for CinemaWorld.


Additionally, for the first time, CinemaSHORT content is now available outside of Asia as this partnership with Huawei bridges international audiences with our short-form offerings.


We also partnered with WeWatch to bring our international selection of festival picks, box-office hits, and international stars to Cambodia. Cambodian audiences are now able to enjoy our carefully curated content  on WeWatch’s Movie VOD channel, any time at their own leisure.


In the coming years, we will continue to connect even more film audiences with diverse stories and different cultures from all around the world.


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