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CinemaWorld Collaborates with UMN

January 2023 marks another great beginning for CinemaWorld, taking the channel’s conviction of connecting the world through films, to a new level.


Team CinemaWorld was in Jakarta recently to launch the inauguration of CinemaWorld Film Fund-Indonesia – a well-anticipated collaboration between CinemaWorld and long-time partner, Indonesia’s Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN).


CinemaWorld Film Fund is introduced with the main intention of supporting and championing emerging filmmaking talents - writers, directors and producers – who aspire to make an impact in the world of cinema. Aimed at finding genuinely diverse voices, exploring stories that are rarely told, and raising important and interesting issues. Essentially far-reaching stories that are uniquely Indonesian yet able to transcend cultural and geographical boundaries.


The CinemaWorld Film Fund offers film grants for two selected genres - Short Fiction and 3D Animation.   Winning short films will have a chance to be showcased on CinemaWorld Channel and CinemaWorld On-Demand which are distributed across Asia and streamed through Huawei devices to global audience.


Also in January, CinemaWorld is honoured to be one of the speakers at the January instalment of the webinar hosted by Malaysia’s Multimedia University (MMU), another film school collaborator of CinemaWorld. Under the main discussion topic “Insights: Humanizing Innovation Session with Industry”, this webinar is the last instalment in MMU’s “Humanizing Innovation” series which involves various industry partners. Along with Ts. Amir Shahlan Bin Amiruddin, Dean of the Faculty Of Cinematic Arts at MMU, CinemaWorld’s Co-CEO Ms Suarina Chua, shares and discusses hot topics such as film censorship, dominance of Hollywood films, the impact of streamers on cinema as well as the power of films in connecting the world, amongst other interesting topics.


The webinar is available online here:


As 2023 unfolds, CinemaWorld will continue to forge for opportunities, establish new and strong collaborative relations and contribute to the growth of filmmaking in Asia.


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