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CinemaWorld Brings New Danish Crime Series DNA to Asia

DNA is a new 8×45’ riveting crime thriller series from Torleif Hoppe. Hoppe is the co-creator of ‘The Killing’ and The Bridge”, two Danish crime series that shone a light on Nordic noir and amassed a global cult following.

CinemaWorld Asia has acquired DNA and will be the first to bring the critically acclaimed crime series to Asian television. DNA will officially premiere on CinemaWorld Channel and CinemaWorld On-Demand on September 6, 2020. To subscribe, go to


DNA is created and written by Torleif Hoppe, the co-creator of two hit Nordic noir series – BAFTA-winning Danish drama The Killing and BAFTA-Nominated Danish/Swedish drama The BridgeDNA is not your ordinary crime show. With two parallel story lines and a personal family tragedy nestled within a wider international crime framework, it is a complex show that will prompt intense emotional responses in you and leave you hooked.


Rolf Larsen (The Killing’s Anders W. Berthelsen) is a respected Copenhagen detective who finds a promising new lead on the case of his missing daughter after discovering a flaw in the Danish central DNA registry. Five years ago, Andrea, his then-infant daughter, had mysteriously disappeared under his care and his life had been cruelly upended since. With the determination of a guilt-ridden and grieving father, Larsen embarks on a cross-continental mission to find her. He ends up working on a parallel international child trafficking case with Claire Bobain (Oscar-nominated actress Charlotte Rampling), a veteran French detective.


Nicholas Bro (The Killing), Poland’s rising star Zofia Wichlacz (Netflix’s 1983) and Olivia Joof (Perfect Places) also star in the series.


“The story that inspired me was about the discovery of a system error in the Danish DNA register,” said Hoppe, in an exclusive interview with CinemaWorld. “It was revealed that a large amount of match between perpetrators and certain types of DNA traces from crime scenes had not popped up in the system. The fact that a system that was considered almost 100% infallible had failed big time, and that crucial mistakes could have been made in serious cases set my imagination in motion.”


DNA is a collaborative project by Denmark’s Nordisk Film Production and France’s Frenchkiss Picture, co-produced by TV 2 Denmark and Arte France. The drama series has already been picked up by major broadcast networks worldwide, including BBC UK and SBS AU.

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