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This April, CinemaWorld takes great pride and joy in a special salute to CinemaSHORT. 

CinemaSHORT, CinemaWorld’s curation of Asian short films, was launched on CinemaWorld services in October 2020 with an aim to showcase short films to our audience, following the increased popularity of the short film industry since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CinemaSHORT experience is built on the outstanding and diverse short films curated from the best of SE Asian film talents. It is a branded curation that aggregates and showcases short films from outstanding film school students and independent filmmakers of SE Asia. 

In addition to SE Asia, CinemaSHORT is actively venturing into short films from filmmakers across Asia and we hope to share these soon.

Capturing the colorful and vibrant array of SE Asia’s diverse cultures, CinemaSHORT embodies an expansive short film genre; ranging from thrillers, romance, action, family, comedy, sci-fi to animation and documentary. Currently our short films hail from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brunei, and we are working on adding even more Asian films into our exclusive collection in 2023.  

CinemaSHORT is made for film fans who yearn for the new and unexplored that are beyond mainstream cinema. These short films are all under 30-minutes and hence make excellent film companions for those who are always on the move and are consuming entertainment in bite size; especially suited for mobile streaming on their smart gadgets.

CinemaSHORT takes SE Asia to the world via our partnership with the Huawei Video App on all Huawei devices. The world is our stage indeed so watch away no matter which country you are situated in globally!

In addition, CinemaSHORT is also available on the CinemaWorld HD Channel (every Sunday, 2040 SGT) and CinemaWorld On-Demand. All short films are shown in their original languages and subtitled in local languages. 

Looking ahead in 2023, CinemaSHORT will be embarking on a very special inaugural journey with aspiring young filmmakers across Asia! So keep your senses peeled for exciting news on our upcoming CinemaSHORT Asian Shortfilms competition! You too get to ride with us as you vote for your favourite short films from this competition!

This month in April, catch these short film premieres: THE RISING TIDE (Malaysia/Family Drama), DYING TO DEFROST (Singapore/Animation) and BUNNY KICKS (Singapore/Animation).

In addition, enjoy returning short film favourites INAUSPICIOUSLY AWKWARD (Indonesia/Animation), IMPERMANENCE (Vietnam/Action Adventure) and WE LOOK THE SAME (by Paris based Singapore director Zo Fan).

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