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Celebrating Fatherhood with Movies about Fathers on CinemaWorld

Celebrating Fatherhood with Movies about Fathers on CinemaWorld

Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about how you can make the day special for your dad. With CinemaWorld, what better way to celebrate Father's Day than with some great films? In this blog journal, we're going to introduce you to 4 fantastic films father’s day movies that are perfect for watching with your dad on Father's Day.

Here are some of the best movies about fatherhood which films that shine the spotlight on fathers’ love for their children such as must-watch AURORA (2019) (Finland/Romance), a heartwarming story like MAN AND A BABY (2017) (Finland/Comedy), or a unique film with an unexpected turn like THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT (2021) (Germany/Comedy), and poignantly reflective HUNTING SEASON (2017) (Spain/Drama). Watch them on now!


AURORA (Romance/Comedy)

Darian, an Iranian refugee, needs to marry a Finnish woman to get an asylum - a place of safety and stability - for himself and his daughter, Azar. Aurora turns him down, as she plans to move to Norway, away from her “shit life”. However, after meeting his sweet daughter, she agrees to help him. As Aurora introduces numerous women to Darian, the two of them grow closer…

Mimosa Willamo's portrayal of Aurora is a standout performance, and she captures the character's restlessness and vulnerability with great finesse. Amir Escandari, who plays Darian, brings a certain charm and sensitivity to the character, making him the perfect foil for Aurora's wild and carefree nature. Oona Airola, who plays Aurora's best friend, provides the much-needed comic relief in the film. 

Award-winning director Miia Tervo has done an excellent job in bringing the story to life on the screen - The film's pacing is perfect, and the cinematography captures the beauty of Lapland in a way that is both breathtaking and immersive. The music, composed by Lauri Porra, complements the visuals perfectly and adds an emotional depth to the film.

 Overall, AURORA (Jussi Awards 2020’s Best Film, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Leading & Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor) is a beautiful and poignant film that offers a fresh perspective on the romantic-comedy genre. The film's exploration of love, loss, and identity is both thought-provoking and relatable, and the performances by the cast are top-notch. Apart from Jussi Awards, this film also garnered several awards from international film festivals such as Edinburgh International Film Festival and Athens International Digital Film Festival. Miia Tervo's direction is a testament to her skill as a filmmaker, and the film is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good romance with a touch of comedy and drama.



MAN AND A BABY (local box office hit directed by Marja Pyykkö) is a Finnish comedy film released in 2017. The This comedy movie tells the story of Antti, a middle-aged man (portrayed by Petteri Summanen) who finds himself suddenly thrust into single parenthood after his partner Pia decides she doesn't want to be a mother. The film follows Antti's attempts to navigate the challenges of raising a newborn on his own and adjust to the new role of being a single parent.

The film This single father movie is a heartwarming and often hilarious portrayal of the struggles of a new father trying to make sense of his new life. Antti's efforts to take care of his child while also managing his own life and work are both humorous and relatable. Throughout the film, he struggles with sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and trying to balance the demands of his job with the needs of his child.

As Antti navigates the ups and downs of single parenthood, he receives help and support from a variety of sources, including his mother, sister, and a group of new friends he meets at a baby class. Each of these characters provides a unique perspective on parenting and offers Antti the support he needs to make it through each day.

The film is also notable for its nuanced portrayal of gender roles and the challenges faced by men in traditional "women’s work” roles. As Antti struggles to find his footing in his new role as a caregiver, he is confronted with the prejudices and assumptions of those around him who assume that he is not capable of caring for a child on his own.

Overall, MAN AND A BABY is a charming and heartwarming film that offers a fresh and humorous take on the challenges of single parenthood. Its relatable characters, witty dialogue, and insightful commentary on gender roles make it a must-see for anyone who has ever struggled with the demands of raising a child on their own. 

MAN AND A BABY won Best Nordic Narrative Feature Film in Nordic International Film Festival.



THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT is a movie about mental illness. It uses a poignant and humorous exploration of mental illness and its impact on young people. Directed by Til Schweiger (Germany's best-known actor and also the country's most successful director - Hollywood outings include Inglourious Basterds, This Means War, etc.), the film follows the story of 17-year-old Paul (portrayed by Emilio Sakraya), who is sent to a psychiatric center by his father after a suicide attempt. There, he meets Toni (portrayed by Tijan Marei) and other young people who are struggling with various issues, including anxiety, depression, and addiction.

One of the most striking aspects of the film is its treatment of mental illness. Rather than relying on tired stereotypes or overwrought melodrama, THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT presents mental illness as a complex and multifaceted issue that affects people from all walks of life. Through the experiences of Paul and his fellow patients, the film explores the ways in which mental illness can impact a person's relationships, self-image, and sense of purpose.

At the heart of the film is the relationship between Paul and Toni - The chemistry between Sakraya and well-known lead actor Til Schweiger is palpable, and their scenes together are among the film's most powerful and affecting.

Despite its heavy subject matter, THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT is also a surprisingly funny and charming film. Schweiger's direction strikes a delicate balance between humor and pathos, and the film's witty dialogue and clever set pieces provide a welcome respite from the weightier themes.

Overall, this is a thoughtful and engaging film that tackles a difficult subject with honesty, humor, and sensitivity. Its exploration of mental illness is both nuanced and empathetic, and its performances are strong across the board. Highly recommended for anyone interested in thoughtful and engaging cinema.

Emilio Sakraya won EFP Shooting Star award at Berlin International Film Festival for his portrayal of Paul in THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.



HUNTING SEASON (Best Film, International Film Critics Week, Venice Film Festival, 2017) is an Argentine-Spanish co-production coming-of-age film directed by Natalia Garagiola. The film is set in the stunning and rugged Patagonian wilderness, where a father and son come face to face with their complicated relationship, each other, and the vast landscape they inhabit.

The plot revolves around a middle-aged hunting guide named Ernesto, played by Germán Palacios, who receives an unexpected visit from his teenage son, Nahuel, played by Lautaro Bettoni. Nahuel has been living with his mother in Buenos Aires and hasn't seen his father in years. Ernesto, on the other hand, is a gruff and solitary man, who has been living and working in the Patagonian wilderness, guiding wealthy foreign hunters on their expeditions.

The film explores the tension between the two as they are forced to confront their past and present. Nahuel is searching for answers about why his father abandoned him and his mother, while Ernesto struggles to communicate with his son and reconcile with his own guilt and regret. Their complicated and strained relationship is only exacerbated by the harsh and unforgiving environment in which they find themselves.

As the story unfolds, the relationship between the two characters gradually evolves, and they begin to understand each other in a way that they never could before. Through shared experiences in nature, and the trials and tribulations that come with them, they learn to appreciate each other and to develop a bond that transcends their past.

Germán Palacios delivers a raw and nuanced performance as Ernesto, capturing the character's simmering emotions and deep-rooted pain. Lautaro Bettoni also delivers a powerful performance as Nahuel, the young man trying to understand his father and himself. 

The film also explores the theme of the impact of the hunting industry on the environment and the Patagonian ecosystem. The filmmakers use the stunning landscape to create a sense of isolation and danger, which adds to the intensity of the story.

HUNTING SEASON is a beautifully shot and emotionally charged film that explores the complexity of relationships, masculinity, and the search for identity in a breathtaking and unforgiving environment. It’s a poignant reminder that sometimes, it's only when we are forced to confront our past that we can truly move forward.

HUNTING SEASON was nominated at several international film festivals.

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