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AFA Singapore Shorts ’22 hosted by Asian Film Archive

Celebrating Singaporean Filmmakers and filmmaking...

This month, the Asian Film Archive (AFA) hosted a series of films screenings for the Singapore Shorts’22 Festival at Oldham Theatre. To support our valuable partner AFA in celebrating Singaporean filmmakers and filmmaking across the decades, The CinemaWorld team attended the event.


From 12 Aug to 14 Aug, the first weekend of the event, CinemaWorld was there to support the films and to share more about CinemaSHORT.  The Team managed to catch the full line-up of films screening during the event and had the privilege of talking to the filmmakers and film enthusiasts at the event.


Launched in October 2020, CinemaSHORT is a service expansion of CinemaWorld. It is a one-stop platform that provides a unique curation of short films which reflect often untold stories from the Southeast Asia region.


Specifically curated for CinemaWorld audiences, CinemaSHORT currently sits on CinemaWorld Channel and CinemaWorld On-Demand. Additionally, CinemaSHORT is also offered on all HuaWei gadgets via HuaWei Video APP.


CinemaSHORT provides audiences with The Best Bite-Sized Stories To Go. Reflecting the wildly diverse and enigmatic region of Southeast Asia, our collection of films is diverse and expansive – in terms of country of production, genre and theme.


The event was an exciting opportunity for both CinemaSHORT and the Singaporean filmmakers, and it was an engaging weekend.


At present, CinemaSHORT collaborates with independent filmmakers from the region and film institutions: NTU (SG), MMU (Malaysia) & UMN (Indonesia). We are open to short film submissions all year around. We invite you to connect with us and collaborate with CinemaSHORT to bring the best of regional short films to global audiences.

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