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A Summer In… - Collection of travel romance film series

A Summer In… - Collection of travel romance film series

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” – Sir Bernard Williams (British philosopher)


Summer love is often described as being passionate, serendipitous, yet ever fleeting. Its impermanence and unpredictability make it so alluring and intense, like the brightest flame that threatens to die out as quickly as it began. It’s the kind of love you never see coming, but one you cannot imagine life without – not after you become ensnared in its beautiful and passionate embers. Maybe there is no better season than summer to fall in love.


This August, CinemaWorld brings you our latest collection of Romance Travel series, “A Summer In…”. Take a trip to an exotic destination and explore an unfamiliar city or culture where the main character might fall in love or rekindle an old flame — as the summers passes, lives change forever. Fall in love with a new city and story with every film.


All 8 films will be available to watch anytime from 1 August on CinemaWorld On-Demand*.


A Summer in Greece
A Summer in Iceland
A Summer in Barcelona
A Summer in Sicily
A Summer in Croatia
A Summer in Southern France
A Summer in Tuscany
A Summer in Oxford


The series will also premiere progressively on CinemaWorld Channel from June 2021.


For more information, check out our schedule at or to find out how you can subscribe to our On-Demand* service.


*CinemaWorld On-Demand is available on Unifi TV (Malaysia), StarHub TV (Singapore), Dens TV and First Media (Indonesia) and Peo TV (Sri Lanka).

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