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A Father's Love - A curation of movies about fathers

A Father's Love - A curation of movies about fathers

7 movies, 7 love expressions.

“… perhaps love, adopted a role called Being a Father so that his child would have something mythical and infinitely important: a Protector, who would keep a lid on all the chaotic and catastrophic possibilities of life.” – Tom Wolfe, The Bonfire of the Vanities.


This Father’s Day on CinemaWorld, we rediscover a love we tend to overlook at times. One that is as precious as a mother’s and just as unconditional and everlasting – A Father’s Love.


Take part in our personality quiz at to find out which father figure in these 7 movies relate most to your dad!


3 generations of men are missing the bond they wished they had. When 70-year-old Włodek suffers a sudden heart attack, his son and grandson take to the road to help him find his estranged wife.  Having been raised by each through Restrained Love their whole lives, the road trip quickly turns into a journey of unresolved resentments, discovering family secrets and healing old wounds. Don’t miss the premiere of “My Father’s Bike” on June 6, 9PM SIN.


Award-winning Italian actor Luca Argentero stars as a man thrust into the role of a single working father when his wife died during childbirth. Witness his undying devotion to his new-born daughter and the power of a dad’s Unfaltering Love in the romantic drama “Just a Father”.


Intense Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) stars as David in the German sci-fi thriller “The Door”. A father driven by guilt, shame and regret for causing the death of his daughter finds a way to turn back time and fix the future. But will his Atoning Love mend or cause more damage than he bargained for?


A father’s Protective Love knows no boundaries, especially if it involves the cost of a life too dear. How far will Demetrio go to protect his daughter from the corruption surrounding them? Find out in the Italian neo-noir film, “Perez.”.


Catch them every Saturday at 9PM SIN:

  • June 6 | My Father’s Bike
  • June 13 | Just A Father
  • June 20 | The Door
  • June 27 | Perez.


Or watch anytime on CinemaWorld On-Demand*.


Catch even more films on A Father’s Love anytime only on CinemaWorld On-Demand*!


Inspired by a father’s Sacrificial Love for a son and the ongoing refugee crisis besieging Europe, the lives of a Spanish cop, German tourist and Congolese father are fatefully intertwined in the award-winning drama, “Color Of The Ocean”.


Most fathers get protective of their daughters when they bring home their first boyfriend. But what if this well-intended gesture manifests into a painfully Overbearing Love? Expect a hilarious high-octane showdown between the two men in “The Daddy Offensive”.


People always say that music is freedom, but is it always? Little Ahmet finds refuge in listening to rock and roll music on his family’s old radio during a time of tyranny and dictatorship. But in an act of Tough Love, his father will have to destroy that one piece of freedom or risk their lives in the movie based on a true story – “Radiogram”.


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