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5 Coming-of-Age Films

5 Coming-of-Age Films

Coming-of-age or adulting – whatever you want to call it – is well…. inescapable.  The young may whine at the progressive and perhaps rather tragic loss of their free-spirited lifestyle, while the grown-ups will most often remember it as a momentous trip down memory lane.  


In November, we have thoughtfully curated 5 poignant films of youths trying to steer the delicate wheels of life into adulthood.  From warm colorful Brazil to the unspoiled scenic steppes of Mongolia - different countries, distinct problems but possibly one common conclusion -  adulting definitely requires courage, adapting and truckloads of positivity.


At whichever point of life you may be in, let’s keep the spirits high as 2022 draws to a close and watch more CinemaWorld from 2023! ;)


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Rust (Brazil)

‘Rust’ follows budding couple Tati and Renet as they struggle to keep themselves afloat as the ground beneath them crumbles away amidst a leaked intimate video in the volatile trappings of the age of social media.




Jeune Juliette (Canada)

‘Jeune Juliette’ is a bubbly teen drama following highschool sophomore Juliette as she experiences first love and the crushing reality of facing bodyweight issues.




Go Youth! (Mexico)

‘Go Youth!’ tells the tale of not one, but four teenagers attempting to navigate the treacherous adult world whilst holding on to their youthful ideals.




Keeper (Belgium)

‘Keeper’ is a touching story of young love that results in an unplanned pregnancy and the devotion and strength displayed by two teens as they face the consequences of their choice head on.




Veins Of The World (Mongolia)

Premiering this month on CinemaWorld, ‘Veins Of The World’ tells the story of eleven-year-old Amra as he finds himself with two choices in the wake of his father’s tragic death- his dreams and his responsibilities.




Catch “Veins Of The World” on CinemaWorld Chanel [schedule] and the other 4 films on CinemaWorld On-Demand*

*only available in selected territories

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