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CinemaWorld Celebrates World Mental Health Day: Inspiring Mental Health Awareness

CinemaWorld Celebrates World Mental Health Day: Inspiring Mental Health Awareness

Community & Mental Health Awareness - International Films that explore love and support in the mental health battle.

Be it natural disasters, wars, broken relationships, or poverty, life’s curveballs can plunge us into deep depths of hopelessness, grief, and sadness. This World Mental Health Day, CinemaWorld brings you on a sobering and heart-warming journey through the eyes of individuals around the world to explore how communities come together in the uphill battle against mental health struggles.

Running To The Sky (Premiering in October 2023)

Life with an alcoholic single father is lonely for young Jekshen. Running is his gift and the key to a better life ahead. As Jekshen starts to lose faith in his future, his community of friends and community elders gather around him and give him the courage to take part in a life-changing race. Running to The Sky is an award-winning film about community support and courage to pursue dreams in spite of life’s circumstances.  

A Far Shore (Premiering in October 2023)

Poverty is a sobering reality for many. Follow the modern-day tragedy in the life of Aoi, an underage mother whose abusive husband and desperation to make ends meet forced her to become a nightclub hostess. A Far Shore is a cautionary tale about the mentally debilitating effects of social isolation and hopelessness at the bottom of society.


Christmas is a particularly lonely occasion, especially for the newly divorced Helena. She chooses to move to a farm to spend the holidays with farm owners, Tuure and Unna. Helena’s introduction opens up difficult conversations between Tuure and Unna about their marriage. Both parties bond over life’s troubles and silver linings. Wonderland underscores the untold mental health struggles between couples. Communication and empathy become the key to managing expectations between differing life ambitions.

Above The Clouds (Premiering in September 2023)

After losing his parents to a flood, 15-year-old Andy becomes reclusive. He is forced to live with his estranged grandfather in the mountains. His grandfather brings him on a scenic hike where the two clash but also start to come to terms with their grief. Starring late Filipino rock legend, Pepe Smith, Above The Clouds is a heartfelt coming-to-age story about rebuilding lives and finding hope after the loss of loved ones. 

Our River…Our Sky (Premiering in September 2023)

How will the community find strength when wars threaten to tear it apart? The only Arab film to win an award at the 2022 British Independent Film Awards, Our River…Our Sky is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. A poignant reminder of how wars can devastate an individual’s mental well-being, and how the foundation of trust and emotional support sustains a community in distress. 

Films are said to be a reflection of society. On World Mental Health Day 2023, CinemaWorld hopes to highlight the prevalence of mental health struggles in our lives and spotlight the importance of community, hope, and mental health awareness through cinematic lenses. If you are experiencing any distress in trying times, please reach out to mental well-being websites or mental health helplines for support.


Samaritans of Singapore

+65 1-767

The Institute of Mental Health
+65 6389 2222


Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA)

03 2780 6803

Life Line Association Malaysia

03 4266 6195


Yayasan Pulih

62 21 788 42 580


LISA (Love Inside Suicide Awareness) Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Helpline

62 811 3855 472 (Bahasa)

62 811 3815 472 (English)



National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) Crisis Hotlines


In Touch Community Services

09178001123 (cellphone) 




国际生命线台湾总会 (International Lifeline Taiwan Association)



Tâm lý NQH


Chăm Sóc Sức Khỏe Việt

512 472 4357

For other country helplines visit:

*Readers should use their own discretion when using any information found on these sites. The information might not be accurate or updated



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