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12 Days Of Christmas - a collection of heartfelt and uplifting movies

12 uplifting movies celebrating Love & Hope.

Specially curated by your trusted movie-buddy CinemaWorld, we have the season’s perfect line-up to warm your little hearts and cheer those tired souls.


Some of our best-loved are “Winter’s Daughter” – a heartfelt movie of truths and new-found affection, “4 Kings” – a bittersweet tale of self-love and reconciliation, saccharine sweet romances you have no reason to miss – “Love In Vienna” & Love In Lapland” – and 8 more chosen especially for you this Christmas!



Go ahead, watch them all. ANYTIME. On CinemaWorld On-Demand.


No CinemaWorld On-Demand yet? Grieve no more! You can still get the merry-making going! Catch the Christmas misadventures of Lilly and her little adorable dragon Hector in “Lilly’s Bewitched Christmas” on Dec 15, 9PM SIN, or check out our line-up of movies from Dec 25 to Jan 5 on our schedule page.

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