After Life

A young man struggles to cope with the sudden loss of his mother, whom he regrets not spending enough time with.

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After Life

Family, Shorts

When our daily lives meet the ebb and flow of time, it’s hard to know how much of your daily rigmarole is real and how much of it actually exists purely in memory. How many of your interactions are tangible? How much meaning does each conversation hold? What happens when you lose your loved ones and along with that goes any chance of reconnecting?

Does its real existence ultimately affect its value and will repeating it lessen its worth?

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  • Perry Lam
  • Kris Mavericko
    Renita S. Kapoor
    Michael Chua
    Agnes Go
    Christopher Yong
  • Singapore
  • English
  • 15 Mins
  • 2019

About The Director

Growing up in Southeast Asia, filmmaker Perry Lam was raised in Woodlands, a working-class area of northern Singapore. His childhood consisted primarily of 80s and 90s action classics from his father’s movie collection. Yet despite a deep immersion into the world of films at an early age, it wasn’t until he saw Christopher Nolan’s comic book epic The Dark Knight on opening day in 2008 that Lam decided to pick up a camera. “I did a Batman fan film,” Lam said in an e-mail interview with Meld. “It was such a rookie attempt, quite hilarious actually, and I will probably never share it online ever.” Lam caught a bug shooting the fan-made short with his friends. Realising he had a passion for the movies, the Singaporean moved to Sydney in 2014 where be began studying filmmaking at Macquarie University.


Changing Face International Film Festival, Sydney, 2020

Best Sci-Fi Short Film


" After Life" was recently listed under Asian Movie Pulse's Best Movies of 2020.