Cultural Medley

A melting pot of cultures… and clashes!
Posted on Apr, 23, 2020 | 15:16 pm

As the saying goes – different strokes for different folks!

Hilarious encounters and sobering cultural awakenings ensue when a motley of characters try to adapt to ethnic and lifestyle differences on CinemaWorld On-Demand* this month.

In Three Quarter Moon, Hartmut is left in a bitter slump when his wife leaves him. However, a simple encounter with 6-year-old Turkish girl, Hayat, sets off a series of comedic but profound effect for both parties when she is left under his care.

What starts off as a peaceful relation rapidly turns into a hilarious showdown when a seemingly simple new Chinese neighbour outshines the Brückers family on every level – school, sports and work.  Meet The Wangs is an East meets West & all-hell-breaks-loose comedy you just can’t miss.

A very liberal Turkish daughter with no intention for marriage needs a suitor in record time so her younger pregnant sister can be married. With so few men and so little time, will she succeed? Find out on A Spicy Kraut.

The Vegetarian explores the mental torment one has to go through when forced to make a choice against his morals and beliefs. A son from the socially and culturally superior caste, Brahmins, explores his Indian roots and relationship with nature on an Italian dairy farm as a milker. All’s well until he has to decide if a cow should be slaughtered.

Finally, two delectable Italian romantic comedies about…chocolates! Mattia is forced to stand in for an illegal worker at a chocolate pastry course and unintentionally starts a one-stop drama between an Egyptian labourer and a trendy Italian businessman in Lessons In Chocolate and Chocolate Kisses.

Catch it all anytime, only on CinemaWorld On-Demand*.

*Available in selected territories.