CinemaWorld Film Festival 2019

An annual film festival hosted by CinemaWorld with an aim of increasing the visibility of foreign films in communities where we operate to audiences.
Posted on Aug, 15, 2019 | 14:29 pm

CinemaWorld Film Festival 2019: “My Story” (in Singapore)

CinemaWorld will be organising its 3rd edition of CinemaWorld Film Festival in Singapore, showcasing 4 curated films based on true stories, each a quest for a greater ideal.

We will be kickstarting with a pre-screening of the title film, “Coureur”, followed by a panel discussion at the Oldham Theatre on September 26th, 2019. The remaining films will be shown on the CinemaWorld Channel every Saturday, 9PM SIN in October, and will also be made available on the CinemaWorld On-Demand service where viewers can choose to watch the films anytime.

  • Belgium – Coureur “Goteberg Film Festival 2019 – Ingmar Bergman Competition”
  • The Netherlands, Belgium – Rafaël “Cairo International Film Festival 2018”
  • Nigeria – 93 Days “Toronto International Film Festival 2016”
  • Colombia, Argentina – ROA “Cartegena International Film Festival 2013 – Opening Film”

7.20PM: Dessert Bar Reception
8.00PM: Screening of Coureur
9.30PM: Panel Discussion

Embassy: Embassy of Belgium (Singapore)
Institutions: LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore Polytechnic
Associations: nuSTUDIOS Film Productions, NTU Film Society Club, Singapore Film Society
Media:, Singapore Art & Gallery Guide

CinemaWorld Film Festival 2019: “My Story” (in Taiwan)
On October 2nd to 5th, CinemaWorld will be holding screenings for all 4 films in Taipei, Taiwan. More details to be released soon.

Associations: Eslite Bookstore

CinemaWorld Film Festival 2019: “My Story” (in Jakarta)
On September 29th, CinemaWorld will be holding screenings for Coureur and Rafaël, in Jakarta, Indonesia. For more information, go to

Associations: Info Screening, Jakarta Cinema Club